Network and Infrastructure Management

Network-&-Infrastructure-Management-smallICT plays a key role to help solve some major societal challenges –climatic, economic, and environmental – that surround us today e.g. it enables better support for an ageing and rapidly growing population, more environmentally efficient operation of water systems, transport systems and communication networks.

Cyber-physical ICT on this scale raises many research challenges including how to process the volumes of data generated from distributed infrastructural systems, how to create self managing and adaptive systems and how to process and transmit data securely.

New and innovative approaches are needed to find solutions to these challenges.

Research Areas:

Intelligent Infrastructure
The amount of data being captured from the physical world continues to grow at an exponential pace as devices get transformed to the “Internet of Things”. Processing approaches based on ‘smart’ algorithms i.e. machine learning, data mining etc -will be used at both local and global levels to infer information and knowledge from this data to allow effective management decisions to be taken . Processing will take place both in remote nodes and centrally and a range of control and coordination approaches will be used as determined by the particular problem to be solved.

Security Management
As infrastructure systems become more diverse and ICT penetration grows there is greater need for securing access to these systems and to protect the flow of data between users and the processing platform as well secure storage of data and privacy protection for the owners of the data. These issues are critical issues particularly in the Cloud Computing space where security is often cited as a key reason why enterprises are slow to move to cloud computing. Finding innovative solutions in all the key security areas remains an open and compelling challenge.

Programmable Networking
The diversity of infrastructure systems and the growing demand for service innovation in cloud computing and telecom networks creates the need for flexible and rapidly deployable management solutions in these systems. Programmable networking allows software solutions to be downloaded quickly and to be easily interchanged. In the networking space early approaches based on ‘In-network management’ (deploying management functions in network nodes) have evolved into the broader concept of Software Defined Networking (SDN) which allows flexible management solutions based on diverse programming models to be deployed. In other infrastructure domains in-network management approaches are used for distributed intelligent processing management.


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