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Anthony Cunningham

In his role as COMAND Technology Gateway manager the focus is designed to act as the ‘R&D arm’ of companies

  • Delivering technology solutions through collaborative projects with its research teams

  • Providing technology solutions for Irish industry close to their market needs.

  • Offering open access points for industry of all sizes.

  • Act as a portal to the wider resources in the Irish research infrastructure.

For 20 years previous to this, he has held roles at Ericsson Systems Limited in Athlone and
Internationally from Software Design Engineer, Systems Engineer to Projects, Departmental and Site Management Roles. Anthony holds a BSc (Hons) in Applied Physics & Electronics from University College Galway and MSc in Software Engineering from Athlone Institute of Technology.

Contact Details

COMAND Gateway Manager

+353 90 648 3096



Dr. Adrian Matthews
Dr. Adrian Matthews 
is a Research Engineer at the SRI. He holds a BSc in Physics and Applied Mathematics (1994), an MSc in Opto-Electronics (1995) and a PhD in atomic physics (1999), all from the Queen’s University of Belfast. After several years working in Ericsson, Athlone he joined the AIT in 2006.

He has worked on an Innovation Partnership with 3Touch, internal research for the SRI, some Contract Design projects and several Innovation Vouchers (emPart, AlphaBetaSoftware, QStimate, Powersavvy, Subakette, MHL, ikidstore, PST and e-Mission Management).
Shuaijun Zhang
Shuaijun Zhang 
is a Research Engineer in Software Research Institute (SRI). He received his Master of Science in Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT) in 2007 and joined the SRI as a Research Engineer after graduation.

He worked on web/mobile application development, SCTP enhanced mobility protocol, multimedia transmission and cloud computing. His research interests are network protocols, multimedia system and virtual networks.
Eoin O’Meara
Eoin O’Meara 
is a Senior Software Engineer at the SRI, currently working on an Innovation Partnership with Openet Telecom in Dublin. He holds a BEng (hons) in Electronic and Computer Engineering from the University of Limerick (1989). After several years working in Alcatel Ireland (Bandon, Co. Cork), he joined the SRI in 2005.

He has worked on Innovation Partnerships with Ericsson twice, with EnDeCo, as part of the Applied Research Enhancement program to set up the SUNAT Applied Research Centre, and several Innovation Vouchers, working with companies such as: MDS Gateways, Lurtel, Lara Media and
Mary Pidgeon
Mary Pidgeon 
joined the Software Research Institute, AIT, as a Research Engineer in February 2013. During her 15 years with Ericsson, she has gained extensive international experience in telecoms network management and software development in roles as project manager, systems engineer, designer and tester.

Mary also has in-depth knowledge of IPR gained over 6 years in the patent industry. She received a BE degree in Electronic engineering from National University College, Dublin (NUID) 1989 and a Masters in Information Technology from National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) in 1997. Her research interests are network management, internet of things and building automation.