Cloud Security Research at SRI

Network-Infrastructure-Management-ic4IC4 – Irish Centre for Cloud Computing and Commerce

IC4 is tasked with producing novel research
solutions that will help increase the capability of Irish industry to produce innovative solutions for cloud computing . The centre has a close relationship and dialogue with industry. The centre is established for the period 2013-2017 and will investigate various research themes over this period. The initial research focus is on
Trust in Cloud Computing.


SRI researches security related themes that will facilitate increasing trust in cloud computing.


Research topics will vary over time. Initial work has investigated the use of searchable encryption techniques to facilitate secure outsourced storage for mobile devices. Upcoming activities will address secure provenance for cloud computing and the use of Software Defined Networking (SDN) to facilitate improved cloud security.


Abir Awad, Idris Ahmed, Brian Lee


Dublin City University
University College Cork
IC4 is funded by Enterprise ireland