Collaborative Projects & Funding

Company Name

Brief Project Description

Commercialisation of Visualisation from IP Research to current Product Line Development
Brief Project Outcome

Company Sustainability in the Midlands and Creation of R&D Engineering Jobs to realise the Research Output, Estimated 5 to 10 jobs directly created form the research output.
Wirelite Sensors (Endeco) SW Enabled Device Management System for the Energy Grid Management Sector. Created base for Development Roles and Sales roles within the company.
Ericsson Development of a dedicated Messaging and Persistence Tier (MPT) for 3rd generation network management using Java enterprise services. Has contributed to new product Development at the company and has contributed to keeping existing jobs and expanding the remit of the Companies Research Unit.
Portomedia Media Streaming Product Created new products and new jobs (2) by developing the product.
3 Touch Haven Based Product Presentation System Helped Creation New products and Product Sales team based in the Midlands.
T5 Process Solutions Monitoring System for Thermal Management of Semiconductor Hardware Created a base for Development Roles and Sales roles
WPA Mobile Remote Client Management Software Created base for Development Roles and Sales roles and IP led to 2 new Development Engineers hired
3 Touch HAVEN – Home Plug AV Enabled Networking New product from existing system created
Eircom Localised Wireless Core Network Access Framework Increased their Wireless product knowledge
Ericsson MS QOS Deficiency Recognition and Analysis Increased their product knowledge
Ericsson Adaptive Service Provision Planner (ASSP) for network managers of Next Generation Networks (NGN). Created an increased product capability
Openet Smart Charging & Subscriber Optimisation Enhance the potential product set for Opennet’s Dynamic Service Capability offering.

Collaboration History with Innovation Vouchers

Active Mind Technology Ltd, Bay esker Ltd, ATST Ltd, Optimal Process Solutions, Opus Vivas Ltd,WPA Mobile, Infinity Integration Ltd, CognoPlus, Empart Technologies, Bizzy Pay, Damien McKay, Qstimate, Hazel Software, Nigrell, Alpha Beta Software, Bridgeway, Powersavvy, MDS Gateways, Subakette Construction, R&D Slua Ltd, Provogo Enterprises, WAVE Audio Visual Ltd., Lurtel Ltd., Touchapps Ltd., Serotonin Ltd., Cara Magic Ltd., Ocean Sport, JOSH Medical, Lumiere Associates, e-mission Management Systems.