Case Study

WPA Mobile

Innovation Partnership – 2008/2009wpalogo_01

The purpose of the project was to develop a policy based remote client management software to optimise the transmission of data from field workers taking into account the requirements for data costs, device performance and selection of best placed networks to manage the data and required data transfer. The goal was to allow the application to control the mechanism of data transmission based on the prevailing networks and conditions available and to over-ride the device managed transmission of the Windows Mobile operating system. The approach was based on the Stream Transmission Control Protocol (SCTP), which allows for concurrent transmission data streams over different networks and facilitates the switching of transmission between different networks based on policy decisions.

The development ensured optimal performance for WPA in the operation of their mobile worker management system. The project led to a more competitive product offering from WPA. WPA built on this experience and used it to expand its software development activities leading to two new software engineers being hired.

Relationships with WPA continue and we are currently involved in joint Engineering collaborative projects .