Case Study

Openet – Smart Charging for Mobile Networks

opnet Innovation Partnership – 2012/2013
ChattyApps is a commercial project undertaken to address the issue of signalling overload in modern mobile networks, which has been introduced by the proliferation of smartphone devices and their need to be constantly connected. ChattyApps attempts to reduce the resource demand on the Radio Access Network by only allowing full bearer services to Applications running in the foreground.

Overview Modern mobile operating systems manage the lifecycle of applications in order to conserve resources on the device. Once a user finishes interacting with an App, it is often shifted into background mode, where the App relinquishes the User Interface of the device, but is still able to perform tasks such as networking. Many Apps rely on In-App advertising to generate revenue and constantly poll back end advert servers to check for new ads to display. They do so when they are interacting with the user and also when they are in background mode. This requires the setting up and tearing down of TCP sessions on an ongoing basis between the device and back end server, which in turn causes a signalling load at least an order of magnitude greater in the SS7 network of the mobile operator. ChattyApps aims to alleviate this problem.

How Gateway Delivered Solution for Industry;
The approach taken is to deploy agent software on the Android OS, that mediates the data flows between the device and back end servers. Background data is permitted in certain cases for “whitelisted” Apps, but in general data generated from background Apps is blocked. The software Agent is controlled via policies setup on a backend server, to which the Agent connects periodically. The Agent also collects statistics from the device, relating to network communications and forwards these on to the server for analysis and display.

Impact for the Company;



The objective which was met was to produce a commercial product which will easily generate a large ROI for mobile Operators, expand of the product range for the company and increase its revenue stream and profitability.