Case Study

Magic Chats

Caramagic is a start-up company based in the Digital Hub that produces and markets apps. Its first app MagicFriends is a new animated puppeteer app that allows children chat with their fantasy character. This is achieved by pairing 2 mobile devices over a VoIP network, and allows the voice of the parent to be altered to that of the fantasy character in real time while talking to the child. For Christmas 2014 the company launched the MagicFriends Xmas app. The child can chat with Santa, Sam the Snowman, Candy the elf or Prancer the reindeer on the screen. The app’s voice changer allows the puppeteer to morph their voice to match each different character and the morphed voice syncs with the mouth movement of the character on the child’s screen. The puppeteer can also control the animation and with a swipe make the Santa jump, wave, wink, dance or twirl.

The COMAND Gateway worked with Caramagic ​through an EI Innovation Voucher and Contract Design to
” Setup the SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) system in the cloud supporting full SIP functions and NAT traversing ” that enabled calls to be made and also
“Integrated the voice changing module into the VoIP client for IOS and Android”

“An in-depth knowledge of SIP, that the COMAND Technology Gateway had amassed from previous Enterprise Ireland funded applied research projects enabled expert expertise produce a quality real life working product in a competitive time frame ” according to Mike Hennessey CEO & Founder CaraMagic