Case Study

Energy Management – Endeco Technologies

Endeco TechnologiesDirect Funding. From: Jan 2011 To; August 2011
The goal of the project was to develop a system for generating, gathering and processing data from Endeco demand response management ‘boxes’ into a centralised management system. Development work was needed on both the demand-response platform to correlate and mediate low-level data to generate the events to be emitted and on the central management system that collected and correlated the data for storage and later presentation.

The project investigated a variety of processing language approaches based on IEC 61131 before selecting an implementation language. A number of small prototypes were built to evaluate the best approach. Various approaches to visualisation were considered and evaluated to ensure the best user interaction experience. The use of data mining algorithms was also explored.

The project resulted in an enhanced management product for use with Endeco’s demand-response offering. It expanded the Endeco product line giving customers a capability to view and monitor energy usage in their installations in near-real time. It has contributed to Endeco’s competitive position in the marketplace and new product sales including the creation of a new sales position as well as recruitment of a software engineer.

AIT maintains a close relationship with Endeco and is researching the use of machine intelligence for creation of energy demand response solutions.