About Us

About UsThe Software Research Institute was established in 2006 with the goal to develop a leading edge research capability in AIT and to act as a catalyst to spur innovation through applied research collaboration with industrial partners. Since its foundation in SRI has been successful in attracting applied research and technology transfer funding valued in excess of €3.5Million.

The institute currently has 25 staff with a competence spread of post-docs, graduate students and experienced SW & IT Engineering staff.

SRI hosted the SUNAT Applied Research Enhancement (ARE) centre and currently hosts the COMAND Technology Gateway – both sponsored by Enterprise Ireland. The programs conducts research on mobile devices and seamless content delivery in the mobile Internet , coupled with fostering research in connectivity and multimedia technologies with the aim to transfer these technologies to industry and maximise commercial benefit. The increasing mobility of users, devices, and even networks, combined with new forms of multimedia services and the ability of end users to act as ‘prosumers’ creates many new challenges to the creation and delivery of end-to-end content. SUNAT seeks novel solutions to meet this challenge both in the network and on the terminals.

The centre has built a reputation for applied research in the wireless domain and has collaborated with start-ups (3Touch), SMEs (Arantico, WPA Mobile, Portomedia, Solanotech, NewCode, Outcam) and multi-national companies (Ericsson & Openet). The group is focused on bringing leading edge research to the market-place.